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Remembering What The Last Bronco Was Like in 1996

When we take a look back over the evolution in automotive technology over the past couple of decades, it can be pretty astonishing. While it seems like the Stone Age in technological terms, the year 1996 really wasn’t THAT long ago. It’s pretty insane that everything went from being rather analog to a world filled with touchscreens and sensors.

This time, thanks to a little bit of help from TFLClassics, we’re able to revisit the era with a 1996 Ford Bronco.

It seems like a lot of people are on the same page with the idea that the 2021 Ford Bronco pays some serious homage to the classic. With that, some seem to have a sweet nostalgia for the old school ride. However, as with a lot of things that get nostalgic, we can tend to view them through rose-colored glasses. Does the Bronco fall in that category or is this thing truly awesome?

In order to do a little bit of research, we join in with 96 model year truck fitted with a 351 Windsor. This is the last year the Bronco was made before it would eventually be killed off for the next quarter-century.

In the feature, TFL takes the liberty of catching up with the owner of the truck to talk a little bit about it. In the current day and age, what is it like to own a truck that’s this old? Is it as good as our nostalgia has built it up to be? In addition to talking about some of his impressions, we also get into a little bit of a technical review as we learn about some of the things that might’ve had to be replaced over the years and other aspects of the truck that are still moving along strongly.

After checking this one out, we think that some might have an eye on this model that’s regaining popularity as it becomes a classic!


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