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Remote Control Dodge Charger Was Built Entirely From Scratch

Within the car community, one of the constant debates is that of “built versus bought.”

On the one hand, people take a lot of pride in building their machines. Surely, being able to construct a car or truck on your own is something to be proud of. On the other hand, folks are perfectly content with just buying something that they like. There’s nothing inherently wrong with either way of showing off your passion.

Where we don’t see too much building and fabrication is in the world of remote control cars. Most of the time, enthusiasts will go out and purchase parts to construct their own machines. Sure, there are probably people who put together custom rigs just like in the real world. However, we think that it’s pretty rare that somebody actually goes out and turns raw material into a viable remote control car. There likely aren’t many who are into fabrication when it comes to the hobby.

The Build

This time, we check out a situation where an individual definitely is. The Dodge Charger that we see pictured here really looks like something that could’ve come from a store. It might even cost a pretty penny to buy. However, the car was built entirely from scratch. In fact, with this particular video from Rini Anitawe’re able to watch as the raw pieces of an iron plate get cut and bent into a finished product that looks like something very familiar.

By following along with the video below, we’re immersed in the creative process. Watching something like this is enough to make us want to go and put our own creativity to use. There’s definitely a certain level of ability that it’s going to take to put something like this together. Being able to visualize the end product and make it all come together is a special ability that not too many possess.