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Suck At Backing Up A Trailer? Remote Control Trailer Valet Is Insane!

When backing up a trailer, there can be certain challenges that come along with it. For example, fitting a wide trailer into a tight space while trying to countersteer could be challenging. Some folks have trouble backing up trailers on their own in an open parking lot. When throwing a tight area into the mix, things could get even worse. To make things one step more interesting, perhaps there isn’t enough room for the trailer at all when attached to a truck. Perhaps the garage in question is behind a tight fence where the truck and trailer simply won’t fit.

Apparently, the pain point was relevant enough for someone to go out and create an invention to solve the problem. While many will probably see an invention like this and argue that someone should simply get better at backing up, maybe that’s not even an option. For those particularly tight areas, it turns out that a robot that has been designed that will allow people to back up their trailers with precision. This could save lots of space and also prevent damage to said trailers.

The invention is known as the “Trailer Valet.”

This little robot is here to do all of the work for the driver! By hooking the trailer to the top of this remote-controlled robot, it can be moved with no truck in sight! With the 360° range of motion, as long as the location has enough room for the physical trailer, the unit should be able to be maneuvered into it. This means that a garage that is 20 feet wide will be able to fit a trailer in it sideways as long as the trailer is under 20 feet. This is a task that would be physically impossible if the said trailer was hooked to a truck.

By following along with the video below, we can take a look at exactly how this invention works. There are a variety of different models that allow for different load capacities. The accommodations will provide help for 3500, 5500, and 9000-pound applications. For those wondering about the price, the cost on each unit is $4000, $5000, and $6000, respectively.

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