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Remote Control Rotary RC Car Looks, Sounds Just Like a Real RX-7 Racing Machine

RC Mazda Rx-7 with a little rotary engine!?

For those who have ever dabbled in the world of remote control, they know the creations can go to the limit. When it comes to imitating real life, some examples are downright mini copies. Sure, most of them are scaled-down. That doesn’t stop the custom parts from flowing and making them come to life, though! The amount of detail can have us looking for hours.

Enthusiasts can really go the extra mile in this community. They will make sure that their creations are as real as can possibly be. This means picking up on every detail in order to make the experience as real as possible. As fans, this makes it even better for us as we can get super involved in learning all about these small details.

In this one, we check out a creation that really goes a long way in the detail and replication of the real world. When welisten in, it gets even better. What would a real replica be if it didn’t sound the part as well? The person behind this one really doubles down on that idea. This scaled-down rotary racing machine even sounds the part! The mini-me roars to life in a way that sounds like the real version of one of these racing machines.

When it’s fired up and comes alive, the car has a real cool factor that shows off the hard work invested. Someone really took it the extra mile here to create this kind of model.

Check out the video below that shows off a RX7 R/C with a rotary engine that was shrunk down and replicated at a fraction of the size of its predecessor. What do you think of this miniature racing monster? Personally, I’m dying to see this thing rip. I know that it has to have some serious mustard behind it, sounding like that!