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Renting Exotic Cars To Celebrities – What It’s Like

As Americans, we have this odd fascination with famous people. As culture would have it, many follow their every move. The more famous celebrities get, the more frivolous stuff people seem to care about. Call me crazy but I’m not sure that I could ever care about what somebody ate for breakfast. However, as social media unfolds, it seems like everybody is obsessed with every last aspect of some of their favorite celebrities. When it comes down to it, though, they’re just normal people like you or I. Well, most of them are.

In this one, automotive personality, Rob Ferretti, takes to VINWiki to chat just a little bit about his experience in the exotic car rental market. Straight off the bat, we would imagine that such a market would have quite the plethora of stories, to begin with. When we sprinkle famous people into the mix who might be a little bit disconnected from everyday reality, the stories might be a little bit grander. However, in Rob’s experience, he seems to think that the more famous somebody is, the less extravagant they tend to be. After all, for the top of the pyramid of famous people, they don’t really have to make a statement with an exotic car.

The video below gets rather entertaining as it speaks on these types of experience and maybe certain misconceptions that might be floating around. On one hand, we have stories of celebrities feeling like they’re too important to sign paperwork. On the other, things are almost too easy. We get a taste of this when Rob speaks on renting a car to a movie production team. It turns out that they just needed it to sit in one place for a couple of days, banking Rob thousands of dollars. There are certainly a couple of strange tales from the world of exotic rentals to be told here, so step on in!