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Replacement of $10,000 Massive Tires on a Huge Truck

Just when you thought that dropping your car off at the shop and getting a tire changed out or even using a tire machine to change out a tire for yourself was tough, along comes a process that will show you just how incredibly easy you really have it.

This time, we take a dive inside a process that brings a $10,000 tire to the task of being change. Yes, there are really tires out there that cost more than a lot of the cars that you see on the road these days!

This massive piece of rubber takes a lot of manpower alongside of a little bit of mechanical muscle to get changed out and at the end of the job, everyone can breathe easy knowing that they didn’t do any damage to that high dollar part.

Check out the video below that takes you along for the in depth process that shows you exactly how the heavy duty job at hand is done with ease!


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