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Replacing Motor Oil With Gasoline- Worst Experiment Idea Ever?

While scrolling through the pages of YouTube, we have found all sorts of different wacky experiments. It really seems like some corners of the YouTube universe are filled with people sitting there and thinking “what if.” Thanks to these very folks, we can go on some crazy journeys that we would’ve never otherwise been able to take part in. I mean, half of these experiments are solely based on wreaking havoc on the vehicles with which they are using. There aren’t too many people outside of the YouTube universe who are going to destroy a perfectly functioning car in the name of getting to the bottom of a theoretical situation.

This time, the task at hand is the devious undertaking of replacing motor oil with gasoline. Normally, the purpose of motor oil is to lubricate all sorts of different internal components. In the process, it helps keep heat out of the equation. On the opposite end of that spectrum is gasoline which doesn’t really do much lubricating but instead is obviously used to combust inside of the engine. It doesn’t necessarily take an engineer to realize that these two liquids only share in their physical state, that is being a liquid, but not much else beyond that.

By following along with Garage 54 ENG and their video below, we get to see exactly how this all pans out. Just by hearing the premise of the experiment, we have an idea that there’s going to be a good amount of fire involved here. Perhaps, even an explosion will come to life. In order to spice things up, even more, we see a fire set under the motor and firecrackers thrown into the mix just to name a couple of the stops along the way. This one could get a tiny bit hot and explosive if we aren’t careful!