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Replacing Springs With Basketballs in the Sketchiest Suspension Mod Possible

When it comes to the suspension of a vehicle, there are all sorts of different applications. Some are more oriented toward comfort. Others might take on the task of offering up high-performance in one area or another. There aren’t too many that involve using basketballs, though.

When it comes to the Garage 54 YouTube channel, we have learned to expect the unexpected. They have carried out a collection of different experiments surrounding the vehicles of their choosing. These experiments seem to take the very existance of similes vehicles and stretch it out to the limit. It seems like these folks like to see what would happen if all sorts of crazy end hectic trials were combined with these poor cars.

This time, that experiment just so happens to replace springs in a car with basketballs and other sporting balls. We have definitely heard of the use of airbags in vehicles. Some folks have taken it so far as to try and use footballs to aid their springs. However, removing the spring in favor of something like this is certainly unheard of.

We have to admit that we were certainly on edge watching and waiting for the ball to erupt. We were surprised that it would even hold the weight of the car sitting still. However, it ended up going far beyond and doing much better than that. These sports balls ended up really showing off their true colors. Whoever made these things should get an award!

By following along with the video below, we get to see quite the crazy set of circumstances. We wouldn’t recommend doing something like this at home but we have to admit that we were quite shocked by the results. After watching something like this, maybe the old football in the coil spring trick doesn’t look so bad after all.

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