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Repo Gone Wrong! This Woman Came Out Swinging… Literally, With A Baseball Bat

As human beings, we all have stress in our lives. Whether it might be normal stress like keeping up your performance at work or making sure that you don’t run another person off the road when they drive like an idiot or higher levels of stress that we might encounter, everybody is dealing with it in some capacity. However, I think that just about everybody has a breaking point when it comes to this kind of emotional roller coaster that we’re all living on and sometimes, people will break in different ways than others with some of these meltdowns coming with extreme consequence.

As it turned out, for this lady, her breaking point would come when her vehicle got repossessed. Now, normally, in this situation, you would probably have to catch up with your payments before heading to the impound lot and having to pay to get the car back, however, it didn’t seem like she wanted to take that path but instead, she would take it all out on the tow truck that had the vehicle hooked up. As this is surely an embarrassing situation and one that not really anybody wants to deal with, she really went off the deep end here, breaking out of baseball bat in order to vent her frustration but, in reality, only making things much worse.

The video below shows somebody from the apartment complex at a higher unit filming the parking lot as all mayhem broke loose, showing the scene as the woman began to scream and really hound on the tow truck. Luckily, it doesn’t look like anybody was injured in the process, however, this is going to be one that’s quite difficult to explain to the police once they come around looking for her. Hopefully, this woman was able to come to peace with whatever is going on in her life that made such a crazy reaction come alive.

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