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Man Gets Rims Repo’d In 5 Minutes Flat At The Mall

The title says five minutes, but it honestly only takes this wheel company about three minutes to reclaim their wheels off of this Infiniti in the mall parking lot. As always, there’s somebody close by the action with their phone to show just how quickly things go badly for you when you don’t pay your bills.

Lending companies of all sizes and types have to have a way to get their property back when irresponsible customers get behind on the payments. We’ve seen plenty of videos of two truck drivers snatching cars that are in delinquency, but it’s not often we get to see somebody lose their aftermarket wheels right there in the parking lot. To add insult to injury, the guy is left basically without a ride, at least temporarily, since the company left his car sitting on concrete blocks.

Hopefully the car’s owner has a friend he can call to pick him to and go retrieve his factory wheels if he still has them. If not, perhaps he can hit up Craigslist or eBay to buy some. One thing he probably won’t be doing is making payments on his next set, at least not from the same place he got these.

As much as we all love to see custom wheels and accessories and badass cars, it’s just not worth putting yourself in a position that you can’t afford to be in just so you can ride around on big wheels or in a car you can’t afford. The same applies to buying a home, it’s much better to live within your means than to stretch yourself too thin just to present a certain image that you can’t afford to maintain. Save up and buy wheels with cash so that when you buy them, you own them. That’s obviously not always possible for cars, but why not pick up a used ride that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg each month. In the long run, you will end up realizing you don’t have to front and you’ll not walk out of the mall and find your ride on blocks.


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