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Report Says People are Using Uber Instead of Ambulances and it’s Causing Issues

In this day and age that we live in, technology is really affording us some luxuries that people before us never had. Sure, it can be easy to take things for granted and not really think about the evolution of the society that we live in but to think about the power that you have from a device that is in pretty much everybody’s pocket is rather insane. Today, you can pull your cell phone out and use it to do pretty much anything that you want. You can order food, you can call to attention almost any piece of information that has ever existed, and lastly, are you can even get a ride from wherever you are to your destination and even tell you how much it’s going to cost ahead of time.

While companies like Uber have definitely provided a resource that’s worthy of admiration and one that can make a lot of peoples’ lives easier along with making others money, the ridesharing app has definitely taken a twist in a direction that nobody had seen coming, such a plot twist that has some Uber drivers a little bit concerned and doctors recommending that folks act in different ways.

You see, in many situations, instead of dialing 911 and getting an ambulance to their location, folks will simply decide that they want to take an Uber to the hospital instead. It might sound kind of crazy but upon a second thought and considering how expensive ambulance rides might be as it will run you at least a couple hundred bucks and the fact that you could probably get an Uber quicker than your average ambulance will respond, you can kind of see where these people might be coming from.

If you follow along with the video below, you’ll get the perspective of different drivers who would probably like to avoid a situation like this because adding the responsibility of somebody’s health into your hands certainly wasn’t in the job description and, well, to be frank, getting blood in their car probably isn’t something that they want to deal with either.

In addition, we get to hear the opinion of a doctor who tells us why it might be important for you to take that ambulance ride instead.