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Reporter Gets Trolled On LIVE TV, The Perfect Prank

Every once in a while, we find that our friends really do manage to get the best of us, putting together a situation where they might be able to have a leg up on us when it comes to something that they know but we may not. Using this information, they might make us the butt of the joke every now and then, however, I would venture to think that for most of us, being the butt of the joke doesn’t happen while we simultaneously happen to be on live television. However, for this poor reporter, such a thing happened while she was on the air.

To be fair here, this is a joke that anybody who isn’t mechanically inclined or familiar with the Back to the Future movies wouldn’t probably be able to understand, however, that really doesn’t make it any less funny. Time and time again, you’ve probably heard jokes thrown around in your circle of friends about fixing the flux capacitor if something seems to be wrong with your car, however, we understand that it’s all a joke as the flux capacitor is a fictional mechanical piece that plays a role in time travel in the Back of the Future movies. Apparently, this reporter was neither a pop-culture guru nor mechanically inclined enough to be able to tell the difference and someone took full advantage of that!

If you tune in down in the report below, you’ll be able to catch the blunder for yourself as someone feeds the poor reporter some widely false information and she ends up murmuring it back out live on air, citing the flux capacitor as the reason for the pilot of a skydiving plane to have to utilize a crash. Hopefully, she was able to laugh with everybody else later when she eventually found out about the joke.