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Rescue Effort is on as Wild Haulover Inlet Conditions Leave Family Stranded

When out and about on a boat, things can happen incredibly quickly. One moment, everything is smooth sailing and the next, mother nature decides that she just isn’t that into you and wants to toss a curveball out there.

When it comes to the likes of wild nautical inlets like the Haulover Inlet, we see a lot of the latter. As the waves and currents rip with a fury, it can cause some wild scenes to unfold. Even the most experienced boaters may struggle to deal with these circumstances handed out by nature.

In this particular situation, it looks as if a family is out and about for a day of sunshine and blue waves. However, things quickly give them a reality check as they end up running aground. Apparently, at Haulover Inlet, it’s not completely deep all the way across. Instead, this particular vessel ended up in water that was too shallow and before we know it, it’s not going anywhere.

As the water is not deep enough to put the engine down, the family is left to push. However, it’s just not happening as the boat is smacked on the side by wave after wave as all that they can do is standby and wait for rescue. The process unfolds over a period of a couple of hours.

Fortunately, that very rescue did come from a good Samaritan who decided to lend a helping hand. Eventually, with a bit of extra effort and a pull from another boat, the stranded vessel is eventually broken free once again. By following along with the video below, we get to check in with the rescue mission that luckily went very well. At a place like Haulover, things can definitely get dangerous in a hurry. However, that wasn’t the case in this one.