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Restoration of Tread on Old Tires, Is This Safe?

Regrooving or retreading tires for cars, trucks and big rigs is a bit of a touchy subject for many. Most consider it a no-no, while some less-cautious individuals – or companies looking to make a buck without regard for safety – go right ahead and regroove regular tires.

However, there are some tires out there that are designed with this second chance at life in mind. Tires bearing the “regroovable” designation are manufactured with additional rubber in the tread are that can be grooved out with this special heated regrooving tool. This video shows you just how easy it is to retread these specific tires, and its surprisingly easy. The right tool really makes the job easier, as you can see how this retreader slices through the tread of these tires like a hot knife through, well… rubber!

If your tires just happen to be the regroovable type, don’t toss them until you’ve checked to see if they can be given a second lease on life by grooving out the treads, giving you a few thousand more miles before you have to shell out the money for new ones.