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Restoring & Building Cars in Mexico – Lower Labor Costs, High Quality Metal Work

If we were to recommend sending your street rod or classic car to Mexico to get some work done, naturally, it might raise an eyebrow. As the developing country is still viewed by most as a third world country, there are a lot of question marks around doing high dollar business there. If someone is working on a street rod and wants a product that they are proud of, there are plenty of shops here in the States so what is the deal with taking a look at one Mexican shop as a potential hot rod revitalizer? Well, once we’re taken inside of such a shop, some of these questions are going to get answered.

In this YouTube video filmed and posted by Jerry Heasley, we take a look inside of a shop right over the border that boasts 18 full-time employees in Juárez, Mexico. The shop known as “Street Toys” has quite the space laid out and seems to be able to take care of all of your restoration needs to bring machines in need back to life once again. If you still aren’t convinced, the shop has even built several vehicles that have been displayed at the biggest tradeshow of them all in SEMA.

The video below takes us on an entire tour of the shop, explaining how these guys shoot for top-quality work. All of this parallels the idea of being able to come in at a price lower than what you would expect here in the States. When considering how exactly one is going to get their custom or restoration finished, this might be off of the beaten path a little bit but could also save a couple of bucks for what appears to be some quality work.


As with anything else, we would highly recommend doing your own research before spending any money but with this video, our eyes have certainly opened to new possibilities!