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The Results Are in, People LOVE the C8 Corvette; Here’s What we Know so Far

Ok, so last night was HUGE. It seemed like an awkward air as people anxiously awaited the release of the latest, greatest Chevrolet Corvette. The moment was pivotal as a complete overhaul of the tried and true could have spelled out disaster. When combined with a high projected price point, there was valid reason to be concerned.

General Motors took the opportunity in stride, though. They really knocked this one out of the park as they were served a big juicy fastball. So what’s so great about this car?

The Price is going to Kill the Competition

Less than $60,000. That still seems like a lot of money for a car, right? It definitely is a decent amount of coin but when looking at the landscape of mid-engined supercars, it’s something that’s unheard of. The Corvette has built its reputation off of being the “best bang for your buck” and this car is slated to deliver just that.

The Performance

Some people weren’t so enthusiastic about the projected 495 hp that General Motors is promising here. We have only two words to offer a retort here. Those words are “base model.”

If this Corvette falls into line with the last couple of generations of Corvette, we can expect to do better here soon. Without getting too far ahead of ourselves here, we have to at least acknowledge that more ponies are probably coming. For the time being, though, we’re going to have the most powerful base model Corvette ever. The power is coming from a 6.2-liter LT2 V8. The name indicates that GM isn’t moving away from the pushrod engine just yet, either. This means the modifying it will still be possible without spending a small fortune… hopefully. The real kicker here is that the car is only going to weigh in at 3,366 lbs. Power to weight is huge here and the savings makes it even better!

While the power source took the limelight, the car is going to have a completely redesigned, well, everything else as well. We can expect goodies like launch control and an electronic limited-slip differential as well. Four different driving modes will make the car feel like a different animal in every set of conditions. By selecting Weather, Tour, Sport, Track, MyMode (tailored just for you) and Z Mode, the driver has unlimited control.

The interior

One thing that Chevrolet seems to have really focused on is the interior. Presenters boasted aluminum buttons along with leather-wrapped everything in the new car. One of the big knocks on American cars in the past has been the quality of their interior. After looking toward cars like the C5 and C6, it seems like GM has taken a quantum leap in the past two generations. The C8 promises to not only be a drivable car with the aforementioned power linked to an 8-speed transmission. It promises to be a comfortable one, as well.

When they put their minds to it, GM really can build one heck of a machine. This time, it looks like they really invested a lot in the good ol’ drawing board.