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Resurrecting a 50s Cruise Ship Might be the Most Ambitious Project We’ve Seen in a While

We have seen a lot of projects unfold over the years. Among these projects that have been broadcast on YouTube, forums, or even television shows, some pretty insane things have come to life. This time, though, we check in with a project that is definitely going to require a little bit of elbow grease and a ton of ambition. It isn’t going to be some week-long hustle that brings this old school vessel back to life.

Instead, with the 1955 Aurora cruise ship, we find a project that’s probably going to take a variety of different helping hands along with a good amount of money and a keen eye for style.

So what’s so special about this particular vessel?

As it turns out, this pocket cruise liner was originally built in Germany, according to its owner. The owner also says that it was the Spectre yacht that was seen in the James Bond flick, From Russia With Love. Following the stint in that movie, the boat served as a functional cruise liner but the intrigue is so much deeper than that.

When checking out the actual structure of the ship, we’re told that it was the first vessel built by Germany after World War II and was the peak of innovation at the time. The yacht has top-of-the-line everything throughout and definitely gives off some character. The owner of the vessel says that this is a quality of build that you just don’t see these days. Instead of this one-of-a-kind vibe that the ship has, he insists that a lot of modern ships are kind of more cookie-cutter in their design. I guess it makes sense when considering their audience. It is still cool to see something with so much attention to detail, though.

By following along with the video below, we get an inside scoop of how exactly this thing is going to be brought back to life in a vintage restoration. The goal when everything is said and done is to restore the cruise liner to be a sort of museum on the water.


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