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Retreading World’s Most Expensive Tires

With regular car or truck tires, it might just be easiest and cheapest to replace them when their useful life runs out. Most of the time, they aren’t all that damaging to the bank if you want to buy yourself a new set.

This time, we check out a tire that most definitely won’t be cheap to replace. We aren’t told exactly how expensive these tires in particular are, but we wouldn’t be shocked to hear that they clock in somewhere in the tens of thousands of dollars as many huge mounds of rubber like this tend to.

Instead of simply replacing the tires, these guys take on the process of retreading them to make sure that the area that comes in contact with the ground is nice and grooved as to give the machines a solid patch of contact to operate in the safest situation possible.

Check out the video below that shows the retreading process that surely saves these guys thousands of dollars.  With a little bit of time and effort, they’ll be rolling around again in no time!

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