fb-pixel Retro Rides – What Was Dodge Thinking 20 Years Ago?
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Retro Rides – What Was Dodge Thinking 20 Years Ago?

The pace of technological advancement is such that if you blink, you might miss it. In just 23 (almost 24) years since the year 2000, an astonishing amount of technological progress has unfolded.

It’s kind of crazy to imagine just how far things have come.
Back in 2000, no one behind the wheel could have fathomed the incredible evolution of cars we see on the roads today. A stark illustration of this evolution becomes apparent when comparing a modern vehicle with one that represented the pinnacle of technology in the early 2000s.

TFL Classics recently delved into the automotive landscape of the early 2000s, exploring the prevalent themes and innovations of that era. Focusing on a couple of examples of Dodge pickup trucks, they provide an inside look at the engineering mindset of that time. While it might’ve made a lot of sense back then, we can’t help but connect the dots in modern innovation and wonder how they missed it!

What’s fascinating is that the Dodge Ram SRT10 and Dodge Dakota showcased in the video were considered cutting-edge in 2000. Little did we anticipate that these once state-of-the-art vehicles would swiftly transform into relics, considering today’s cars with abundant screens and the capability to drive themselves. It’s almost as if we are living in the future depicted in 2000s movies.

The video not only takes us on a nostalgic journey through a couple of trucks but also highlights modifications that transport us back to a different time. Mainstream automotive engineering was a vastly different landscape back then, and the ways in which people chose to modify their cars and trucks constituted an entirely different ball game.

A video like this truly shows how far we’ve come in both technology and automotive culture, underscoring the rapid evolution that has defined the automotive industry over the past two decades.