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Revealing the True Cost of a Garage Home (And a Tour!)

As car enthusiasts, we might seem pretty complicated but we’re actually pretty simple. Sure, some of the things that we’re interested in might be rather expensive. However, it seems like most car fanatics really have it figured out as to what they want.

For most of us, the list is short.

First and foremost, we have some sort of dream list of the different vehicles that we’d like to acquire. From there, we likely are sitting on some select modifications for said vehicles. Lastly, we find that maybe we would like to have a garage to store them in. Perhaps a couple of nice tools can be sprinkled in to sweeten the deal a little bit. That’s it! Give us those things and we’re happy.

Building a garage to fit all of our wants and needs might be a little bit difficult, though. After all, not too many people have the extra funds lying around to just erect any building that they please. However, there might be a different way to get that dream garage, after all.

Instead of simply purchasing a house and hoping that maybe you save up enough money to add on a garage, what if the garage was the house? This time, we take a tour of a garage house with a cost breakdown. We would venture to think that something like this could be purchased using a mortgage as well. Therefore, someone wouldn’t have to buy a house then buy a garage or search for a home with the perfect garage. Instead, starting from scratch and building the exact dream garage home might be the right way to go.

By following along with the video below from Kordare, we dive into just that concept. We’re not sure about you but to us, this place looks like a dream come true.