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Revving Your Engine Could Result in 60 Days Jail Time – Ocean City Cruisin’ Weekend

What is Cruisin’ Weekend?

Writing this almost doesn’t seem real.

For those who have been to Ocean City, Maryland’s “Cruisin’ Weekend,” they likely know it as one of the biggest car enthusiast gatherings on the East Coast. From what we have put together, it turns out that the city had never planned for it to be this big. In fact, it seems like every year, new laws are developed in order to turn some people away.

At their core, these laws seem to aim to eradicate those who want to act out. We can’t fault this. Their byproduct, though, could quickly be spiraling out of control.

Originally, the show had begun as an event in the town’s convention center and a barricaded-off car show at the edge of town. The marketing seems to want to draw those interested in the nostalgia of old-school muscle cars. In other words, the event feels oriented toward families and older people.

Evolution of the Event

However, before they knew it, enthusiasts from all over the east coast were flocking to the city. As the event would grow, hotels had been booked solid months in advance. It got so big to the point where parking even became an issue. On the second weekend in May, Ocean City would become a melting pot of car enthusiasts to the highest degree.

Over almost 10 miles, businesses lining Coastal Highway would have their lots filled with all sorts of cars. People would come in from out of town in order to check out all of the festivities. This seems like a great opportunity for the city to make a ton of money, right?

Kind of.

Not exactly, though.

As time has gone on, Ocean City hasn’t exactly accepted all enthusiasts with open arms.

Having attended this event for years, I think most would agree that sometimes a few folks can get a little bit too far out of hand. In response to this, the town has put in place some measures that many see as overkill.

In years past, exorbitant fines would be implemented for those breaking traffic laws during the weekend. These “Special event zones” would lower speed limits as well. With so many people out and about during the weekend, this may have made sense from a safety standpoint. The latest proposal really made our heads spin, though.

Jail Time for Revving Your Engine?

A bill introduced for this year’s event is one that really has a lot of people talking in a not so positive way. Naturally, the car enthusiasts affected by these regulations are going to have something to say. There’s definitely a discussion to be had, though, about when the rules have simply gone too far.

This year, the town is basically threatening to send people to jail for quickly accelerating or deceleration among other offenses. No, we’re not kidding.

The Dispatch reports “State Senator Mary Beth Carozza this week introduced Senate Bill 878, which includes under exhibition driving operating a vehicle in a manner that produces abrupt acceleration or deceleration, skidding, swerving, raucous engine noise, gear grinding or wheels losing contact with the ground.”

They continue that violations could result in a jail term not exceeding 60 days. Depending on how the judge is feeling, some could be fined $1,000 and spared time behind bars. Depending on how badly one irritates them, both could be levied upon offenders.

How real of a possibility is this?

The Dispatch tells us “Delegate Wayne Hartman is expected to drop cross-filed legislation in the House late this week. If the cross-filed bills are ultimately approved by the General Assembly, exhibition driving, as defined by the bill, could become an arrestable offense with a maximum term of imprisonment of 60 days.”

We’re not sure that any judge in their right mind would send someone to jail for blipping their throttle. Most people would probably rather see the law written so that there’s a little less room for interpretation.

Cruisers better hope that their throttle doesn’t stick open. Otherwise, they could be spending some time behind bars.