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Richard Rawlings Needs Your Help Recovering a Famous Stolen Vehicle

Update: The Jeep has since been returned without a scratch on it and managed to cross the Auction Block at Barrett-Jackson late last month, yielding $49,5000.

When it comes to those who decide that they would rather go out and steal someone else’s rewards of hard work rather than going out and working hard themselves to get rewarded, we have almost no patience. It doesn’t matter what situation you find yourself in, the answer is never stealing from someone else who has been working hard to earn what they have. Unfortunately, not all people think like this as we see in the day-to-day operations of the world as countless dollars are lost when criminals act and break into whatever facility it is that they have their eyes set on to steal from.

In this one, we see that crime can strike just about anyone at any time as Richard Rawlings takes a minute to get into a video that tells us all about how famed Jeep modification mastermind, Dennis Collins, was the recent target of someone who decided that they wanted his Black Mountain Collins Brothers show Jeep and didn’t want to shovel over the funds to get their very own version of it. Whoever was behind the job must not be very good at what they do because they might have just stolen the vehicle that could potentially get them the most publicity out of any vehicle imaginable. Publicity is normally good, unless you’re in the line of work of crime. Outside of stealing something like a police car or the General Lee, there aren’t too many other cars out there that we would imagine would have this many eyes on them at once.

Check out the video below as Richard gives us the lowdown on this shop Jeep that was designed to help promote Dennis’s business. Not only did whoever stole the jeep take away a play thing, but they also managed to take away a portion of Dennis’s business that was going to be used to promote it, therefore bringing down his ability to make income as well. It’s situations like this that can really make you furious at how the human race decides to treat one another. Whoever was behind this one needs a good old-fashioned lesson in pulling yourself up by your boot straps to go out there and earn yourself some dough.