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Ride Along With Alex Laughlin To The Number 1 Qualifier At Sonoma

When we see a driver like Alex Laughlin ripping down the track at Sonoma, we can’t help but wonder what that’s like. After all, there are only a select group of drivers who will ever get to feel this sort of adrenaline. Cars like the Pro Stock machine that we find Alex behind the wheel of are incredible feats of engineering. They can be found out there on the drag strip getting to the 60-foot marker in less that one second! Just imagine all of the G-forces slamming the driver back into the seat. This happens as the car rockets north of 200 mph in the quarter.

This past weekend at Sonoma, Laughlin would blow past the competition in qualifying. Before he knew it, he would be sitting at the pole position with the number one spot. He would end up sliding in the final race and taking home second. This car and driver combo were on point the entire race, though!

This time, we get the opportunity to see what’s going on in the cockpit. For those who thought that these drivers just stab the gas pedal and steer, they’d be completely wrong. In those six seconds or so that the car has to rocket to the finish line, there is certainly a lot going on.

In this one, we get a unique opportunity to ride along with Laughlin on his blazing run to the top. This guy was absolutely on fire as he managed to snag a best elapsed time of 6.52-seconds at 210.8 mph. The pass might unfold in a matter of no time but a lot has to be done to deliver the car to the top.

We could spell it out for you, but as they say, a picture (or video in this case) is worth a thousand words. Get ready to join in on Alex Laughlin’s school of driving! Any questions?

Ride with me to that #1Qualifier spot down the track here in Sonoma last night. We were no. 1 after Q1 and as I watched the cars in front of me in Q2 improve and knock us back to 7th, our final run was the quickest again and put us right back on top! #speedsociety #havoline #hotwheels #redbull #fitzgeraldusa #fitzusa #doomswell #fastco #vinylimages #[email protected]@speedsociety @hotwheelsofficial @[email protected]@[email protected]

Posted by Alex Laughlin on Saturday, July 27, 2019


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