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Ride Along with Challenger Repo That Has a Family Freaking Out, Threatens to Sue

If you want to find your fair share and more of controversy and drama, punch some letters into your YouTube search bar that bring up just about any video of a repossession. If you don’t find the people within the video arguing, the people down the comments section are definitely going to be going at each other, talking about what they think is right and just amongst other topics as you know these comments sections tend to get colorful. In this one, though, it turns out that the actual video itself has more than its fair share of back-and-forth to keep you entertained and locked into the action.

The topic of discussion here is none other than the Dodge Challenger and apparently, someone who this repo company claims was a pretty good amount of money behind on their bill. As you know, if you don’t keep up with your payments, well, the repo man is definitely going to come and get that car back so that the bank that that lent you the money can be made whole again or at least as close as they can to whole. When you talk to repo companies and people who have other cars repossessed alike, most will agree that it’s definitely not a fun time but it’s definitely a job but somebody has to do.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll catch up with a repossession situation that has people screaming back-and-forth as the repo company went to an individual’s parents’ house to reclaim the car that they had on their list. However, the parent in question here wasn’t too happy that the repo man walked right up in their garage and snatched that Mopar to return to it’s creditor. After witnessing the back-and-forth for yourself, be sure to tell us which side of this debate you will find yourself to be on.