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Ride Along With Dan McMillan In His Badass V8 Pre Runner in BAJA!

When it comes time to hit the desert, what better ride than a V8 powered Prerunner style pickup, specifically designed and built to take on the grueling Baja desert? That’s exactly what off-roading badass Dan McMillan decided to do for this years BFGoodridch Baja event, equipping his pickup with a host of GoPro cameras and taking us along for the ride.

We open with a great view of the gnarly BFG tires on Dan’s truck, checking out the treads as the truck rolls out onto the course. Even at these low speeds before the actual run through the course, you can see the insane suspension on the truck articulating to follow every bump and imperfection on the ground. If you want to get a good look at anything in particular underneath the truck, this is your best chance, because as soon as McMillan drops the hammer, things get bumpy and blurry with a quickness.

When the green flag drops, Dan accelerates across the unforgiving terrain, letting the truck’s torquey V8 scream as he shifts gears and hauls ass through the dust, rocks and hills. While this section of course isn’t particularly challenging compared to what he might encounter in the days-long races that he’s used to competing in, it still looks like a lot of fun, especially with a driver like Dan behind the wheel. With several camera angles and a nice easy run through the course, the experience seems more like a great afternoon drive through the desert than a timed event, but a lot of that is because McMillan is just that smooth behind the wheel. As the video ends, Dan rolls back up to the checkpoint where he started, joining the other drivers to hang out for the rest of the event.

Thanks as always to BFGoodrich for putting on this event and allowing us to join the fun!