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Ride with Former NASCAR Driver, Jeff Gordon’s, Former Crew Chief, Ray Evernham, Up Pike’s Peak

For those among us who claim to have been NASCAR fans when Jeff Gordon was one of the most competitive drivers in this series, you might remember a crew chief by the name of Ray Evernham who also happened to be a team owner. As Gordon would make rounds on the track, Evernham would be the one sending the signals and calling the shots from pit row. It’s a very important part of making sure that driver and crew are on the same page which definitely was an integral part of so many victory lane appearances over the span of his career that would prove to be Hall of Fame worthy.

While Ray isn’t necessarily at the helm for a NASCAR team right now, that isn’t to say the sixty-year-old has fallen out of motorsports entirely. Instead, you can say that he might even have a more adrenaline pumping role nowadays as he has chosen to take on a position behind the wheel for himself. This time, more specifically, we get to witness as Ray heads out to the one and only Pikes Peak, one of the most challenging courses in all of the world, not only because of the obstacles that it brings the table but also the threat that one false move could send you off of the side of a mountain!

If you follow down in the video below, you’ll be able to join in as Evernham puts the purpose built car that looks like it’s ready to take on the world on display and then some as you get a view from the cockpit that shows you what this machine is all about. You can almost feel the excitement as he carves through each and every turn and takes us along for the ride to see every last second of it. I’m not sure about you, but we definitely get some major kicks of the in-car mounted camera that allows you to see the action like never before.