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Rider Escapes Law Enforcement SUV’s Way Too Easily…

It’s no secret that sport bikes are built for high speed. Lightweight and maneuverable, these bikes can reach top speeds above 180 MPH in just a few seconds, and an experienced rider can operate at high speed as far as a tank of fuel will take him. We’d never encourage anybody to evade law enforcement, but we’ve seen plenty of videos that prove a motorcycle is the ideal vehicle for trying to escape the long arm of the law if one were to want to do so.

In this short clip, we see just how easily a rider is able to evade the pursing SUV’s of the local lawmen by simply weaving out of the way and, with a drastic difference in acceleration between the bike and the patrol vehicle, the biker is able to pull away immediately while the SUV is left facing the wrong direction. With the awesome first-person perspective, you can see just how quickly the bike gets up to speed. Though we can’t see the speedometer, it’s obvious that the bike is well into triple-digit speeds and screaming toward the double-dentury mark, while there’s no sign of any further law enforcement pursuit.

Of course, the police do have the trump card in that they can coordinate via radio an even call for help from above with helicopter and the full force on patrol, so while the rider might have gotten away for the moment, there’s a very good chance he ran right into the waiting arms of Johnny Law just down the road. Of course, at those speeds, a single rock in the road or unexpected wildlife encounter could result in severe injuries or death, so you definitely want to think it through before you crank that throttle.