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Female Motorcycle Rider Freaking out on the Highway

When you’re out and about on the highway, there’s a chance for you may see some crazy things. While you’re being a safe driver and surely doing under the speed limit, not everyone out there on the roads is as responsible as you are. Sometimes, there are people out there who try and do things that are just a little bit off the wall and the lady riding this Motorcycle just so happens to be one of those people as she swerves around in traffic, making some pretty nutty maneuvers and gestures. If I were driving, I would personally stay as far away from this bike as humanly possible as to avoid any sort of contact or interaction.

Whoever saw this situation going down thought to pull out their phone and get to recording the entire thing and it’s certainly something that’s… different… to watch. I cant tell if this video is uncomfortable or something that should be used as a teaching point of how not to operate a motorcycle but, in either situation, it just so happens to be something that we couldn’t take our eyes off of, in fact, we actually had to watch it a couple of times just to confirm what we saw. If I were the guy driving next to this bike, I would make sure to stay at a good distance, even if someone did pull out their phone to record.

Follow along in the video down below that takes you on the scene of this odd highway interaction that had these people throwing out all kinds of different claims about this motorcycle rider. What exactly do you think was going on here to make this sporadic driving display come to life? It most certainly looks like maybe this person shouldn’t be behind the handlebars of something that requires your full focus to operate!