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Riding Along in the Hellcat Swapped Miata

Riding Along in the Hellcat Swapped Miata

The formula is as old as time. Ever since racing has been a thing, drivers have noticed that one combination seems to work the best. Adding lots of power to a small and lightweight platform is the key to going fast. The power to weight ratio might just be one of the most important numbers in all of motorsports.

Therefore, if somebody is insisting upon going fast, a chassis like a Miata might be a good place to start. Not only is the Mazda Miata incredibly nimble and light. It also comes in at an affordable price point. Once deciding that the Miata is the car for you, though, there are other decisions to make. Chief among these decisions is what kind of engine is going to find its way under the hood.

If we take one quick browse about the internet, there have been all sorts of different suitors here. Everything from the small block Ford to the LS engine has met with the Mazda Miata platform. Let’s just say that some of these creations have gotten incredibly out of hand and we love every second of it.

This time, though, we find a little bit of a different take on Miata power. With this combo, we find the almighty Hellcat power plant paired with the small and nimble chassis. We would imagine that this combo is absolutely eye-opening once the throttle is cracked open. After all, the engine has been known to make heavyweight sedans and SUVs fast. Imagine when the weight of the combination goes on a serious diet.

By following along with the That Racing Channel video below, we get a front-row seat to see what something like this is like. Not only do we get to learn a little bit more about this combination. We also get to ride shotgun as it’s opened up.