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Riding on the Back of a UTV in the Middle of the Desert is a BAD Idea!

When talking about the way that some people play, it just so happens that some have more common sense than others. If you want to bypass that common sense with the attempt to have a better time, I guess that the resulting injuries are on you! Sure, these guys probably knew that what they were about to undertake was a bad idea when they started doing it but, the adrenaline rush that could’ve come as a result was enough for them to just waive their safety and send it! After all, how bad could it possibly get? Well, I guess the answer to that depends on exactly what way the UTV would end up coming down.

In this one, we join in on the scene as a couple guys ride on the back of UTV in the middle of the desert as it jumps over naturally made ramps, launching into the air for a fun time to be had by all! It appears as if, at one point, the rider on the back corner got a little bit too much air and ended up slicing his finger wide open.

It’s all fun and games until somebody has to go to the hospital and get stitches after a day of playing out in the sand. I guess that’s the price that you pay for trying to go above and beyond to make a video that’s fun to watch while getting your fill of big air.

Follow along with the video below that shows us exactly what happened out in the desert that day and be sure to tell us what you think of a stunt display like this. Would you be willing to hang onto the back of a machine like that for dear life in order to try and get the adrenaline rush that comes alongside it? Personally, I’m not sure that I can recommend that kind of foolery for anyone!

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Posted by UTV Fails on Tuesday, August 1, 2017


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