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Rioters Blast Through Mercedes-Benz Dealership, Leaving a Wake of Destruction

Across the country, it’s no secret that peaceful protests have been spreading. In America, this is what our country has been built on. Everybody should have a right to express their opinion no matter what that opinion is. Sometimes, these protests are necessary to make sure that a message is being heard.

However, with that in mind, there has been another group that has been a little bit less peaceful during these times. It’s unclear if their actions are opportunistic, looking to profit from the situation, or sheerly done out of anger. However, what is readily apparent is that these folks have the intention of destroying everything in their paths. It doesn’t necessarily matter if the victims of their violence have anything to do with current events. These folks just want to destroy.

Over the weekend, countless small businesses and large businesses alike had been looted and destroyed. Some have even been set on fire as the destruction spreads throughout major cities in America. Some of the demonstrations have made an impact. However, others seem to truly be spreading senseless violence and destruction.

One example of this destruction unfolded in Oakland, California. Apparently, these rioters targeted a Mercedes-Benz dealership for one reason or another. We aren’t too sure what Mercedes-Benz has to do with any part of this picture. The people who approached the dealership seemed to have their mindset on destruction, though.

Will someone please explain to me the correlation between destroying a Mercedes Benz dealership and protesting police…

Posted by Chad Wessling on Saturday, May 30, 2020

The video below shows the insanity unfolding at the dealership. The rioters broke through the glass, destroying vehicles inside and leaving no stone unturned in their wake of destruction. At the end of the day, hopefully, all of this amounts to some sort of positivity.

As of now, it’s kind of difficult to see what blasting through a car dealership is really going to do for anybody, though.

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