Ripping a 1240hp Twin Turbo Skiboat at 130mph is a Ride Everyone Needs to Take! - Speed Society
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Ripping a 1240hp Twin Turbo Skiboat at 130mph is a Ride Everyone Needs to Take!

There’s no denying that making horsepower on land is definitely a big market. Many of us have been tied up in the game of throwing thousands of dollars at a car or truck to try and make it go faster. However, there’s also a pretty big market for making things on the water go fast.

Sometimes, this market is thrown at us in a way that we might not expect it. There are a variety of different vessels that have been built for all-out speed in a way that really gets the blood flowing. In fact, we just featured a jet skit that’s cranking out 1200 hp – imagine that ride as you rip through the water on something that feels weightless.

This time, the power is also pretty apparent as a ski boat is brought into the equation. It’s a little bit heavier than a jet ski but still really brings some sauce as it makes the most of a 1237hp twin-turbo big-block Chevrolet. Long story short, this machine turns up the volume as it throws down some massive power in the water. Once this vessel gets going, it really gets going as there’s almost no stopping the boat from making waves.

In this particular situation, the action is coming at us from Sweeden. It turns out that Swedes love making big power just as much as we do here in America. It’s hard to deny that the big block machine is doing just that.

By following along with the video below, we get to go along for just that ride ourselves. There’s something special about a boat making big power that really sends a chill down the spine. After watching this one, we almost guarantee that most are going to be ready to head to their nearest body of water to lay down some horsepower.

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