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Ripping through the mud in an all-out race! This sport is not for the faint of heart

When talking about traditional racing, the fun stops where the road ends, but thankfully someone had the foresight to build machines that are big and bad and can take you where ever it is that the action may be whether there is pavement or not.

This time, said action takes us to Nacogdoches, TX where are friends over at Triple-X Motorsports and Outdoors were on the scene during the first weekend of August to capture what they call some of the most insane off-road racing that happens all year!

Furthermore, they tell us that the main attractions are centered around some of the fastest side-by-side drag racing that you will ever see with a 160-foot mud bog pit to top off the action.

Just like it any other form of motorsport, the trials and tribulations brought to us from this event get quite cinematic as explosions and carnage are smattered throughout the video.

On the flipside, though, When everything goes right, you can expect to say some of the most intense,wide-open-throttle action in the country. This one is most definitely now added to the bucket list. Is it on yours yet?


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