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Rivian R1T Showcases Ultimate Off-Road Versatility in Submersion Test

As the calendar turns toward 2022, it’s looking like we’re going to see a lot of electric vehicle competition on the roadways. It appears as if just about every major automotive manufacturer is jumping on board and attempting to deliver their very own electric-powered offering.

However, with this shift, we also find a couple of new companies who are looking to bring their designs to the table. Among these up and comers, we find Rivian.

While Rivian might not be the biggest household name just yet, Ford is so confident in the brand that they have invested $500 million. E-commerce giant, Amazon, has also gotten in on the action, putting their money where their mouth is, backing the company as well.

This time, we get to check in with what will be one of the first mass produced electric pickup trucks to see the streets. The R1T is slated to start delivering in September.

Tthis time, thanks to a tweet from the company CEO, RJ Scaringe, we get to see how this truck will do when it comes to really battling the elements.

One of the promises that come alongside the R1T is the ability to wade in water that’s up to 3 feet deep. Down below, we check in with a video that shows off the truck making its way through a pool of water.

Not only does this video show how exactly all of the electronics will be encased in order to be able to withstand the conditions. It also gives engineers a chance to take a look at how the cabin will do when faced with water pressure.

All in all, the only place that my mind can go after viewing a video like this is to the idea that, unlike their combustion-powered counterparts, these vehicles need no oxygen to move forward. Therefore, theoretically, electric vehicles could be a lot more efficient when it comes to treading deep water. In the distant future, it might not be so shocking to see one that could be entirely submerged without skipping a beat.

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