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Road Rage FAIL Instant Karma Served Hilarious!

Road Rage FAIL Instant Karma Served Hilarious!

If there’s one thing that would probably make us feel like a complete fool, it would have to be asserting ourselves in traffic only to be proved wrong seconds later that maybe we were the one driving a bit too aggressively.

That was the situation in play for the driver of this Ford pickup truck. When we join along with the video it looks like the aggressor in question is riding the rear bumper of the camera car. As for who is in the wrong here, we don’t know, but it’s what happens next that really grabs our attention.

As the driver of the pickup rolls by flipping the bird, it looks like he had a little lapse in driving ability as the truck crashes and it’s all caught on camera. Do you agree that this instant karma was served up in just the right dose?




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