Cheating Driver Gets Instant Karma in Vancouver

If you have somewhere to be in a hurry, common sense would dictate that leaving a ...

If you have somewhere to be in a hurry, common sense would dictate that leaving a couple of minutes early might be your best course of action.

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Instead of making that decision, though, the guy behind the wheel of this Honda decided that he would instead drive around traffic by using a parking lane.

With all the hecticness brought about by downtown Vancouver traffic in the afternoon, the driver failed to realize the nearby police officer while cutting in line.

We’re not sure if you share the same feeling, but we can’t stand it when people do things like this and thus, the police officer pulling this traffic scumbag over is about the most satisfying ending that we could think of to this video.

Check out the entire scene below as captured on dashcam, showing just how upset this guy is that he got caught as he goes down kicking and screaming! Maybe next time, he’ll be a bit more considerate.

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