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Road Rage With Trailers GONE WRONG in Colorado

When out and about on public roadways, anything can happen. A simple situation could escalate to a life-changing event in a matter of minutes.

This time, we check out a Dodge Ram driver who apparently isn’t too happy with another motorist and resorts to some extreme measures to get back at him.

We watch as the truck and trailer drive straight into the camera truck, causing it to waver all over the place and lose the boat that it was towing behind, sending it sliding down the highway.

Afterwards, words were exchanged, stories changed a handful of times and, before we know it, a ride home from a fun day at the lake has turned to a court case.

Check out the video below as the entire incident was captured on dashcam. It’s going to be hard to make up a story when it’s all out there for the world to see!