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Road Raged Man Physically ATTACKS Driver and has Public Meltdown

Generally speaking, road rage doesn’t go so far as to result in bloodshed, but there are times when tempers flare to the point that punches are thrown and the authorities have to be brought in. This video is an up-close look at one of those cases.

We don’t know exactly what happened that led to the situation we see in the clip below, but we’re able to gather from comments made later in the clip that the irate motorist that approaches the driver of this WRX was attempting pass the Subie on a busy road and the WRX driver moved into his lane to prevent him from making the pass. Obviously, that move would make any motorist angry, but this guy takes his anger too far when the motorists pulled over on the shoulder to exchange words. Unfortunately for the Subaru driver, words aren’t the only thing the driver of the pickup wanted to exchange, as he walked up and in a matter of seconds, punched the WRX driver in the face.

A few seconds later, the angry driver, who announced himself as a combat veteran, swung on the driver again, and a few moments later hit him a third time despite the Subie driver’s refusal to engage in a physical altercation. We have to assume other combat veterans would be appalled to see their brother acting as if his service to our nation somehow affords him special treatment or allows him a pass to act in such a manner in a civilian setting, regardless of if his behavior was warranted or not. The angry driver even approaches the girl who’s videoing the incident and yells at her, though he wisely chooses not to touch her, as that’s crossing another line that is simply intolerable.

Hopefully this incident ended without further physical interaction between the drivers. We would like to know how this played out, as far as the police being involved, as we would like to see the angry driver corrected in his flawed understanding of the laws regarding assault.