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ROAD to SEMA with Busted Knuckle Films

If you weren’t in the know, the SEMA Show is pretty much the biggest and best automotive trade show that there is in the world. The biggest names in the business all put on their best face and travel out to Las Vegas to meet and greet with one another in order to network and potentially spark some great things in the future of the community.

This year, our buddies over at Busted Knuckle Films decided to get a little bit creative and take a road trip out, traveling from Los Angeles to Las Vegas by car to explore exactly what it is that the open road has to offer.

We were able to go along for the journey with Busted and his of YouTube accomplices including Chris Fix and Engineering Explained, thanks to some handy camera work, as they get a taste of Western America. You never know what exactly the open road will have to offer.

Sit shotgun and go along for this adventure that’s just about every car guy’s dream come to life. The lights are bright at SEMA, but the road there could be quite interesting to travel as well.