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Roads Closed for Severe Flooding Doesn’t Deter this Buick Owner

Generally, if a road gets flooded badly enough to the point where it’s closed by officials, not too many people in their right mind are going to try and take it on in their vehicle. Maybe, sometimes, you might find someone with a jacked up truck who wants to try and show off what the ride is worth but otherwise, these kinds of areas generally stay untraveled.

This time, however, we check out a motorist that might be either brave or stupid depending on how you look at this one. In either case, though, it really seems like this driver is confident in their ride as they plow the Buick right through way more water than most cars would be able to see the other end of.

This one is really suspenseful as we watch the car wading through the liquid while we wait to see when it’s going to stop. It really feels like the car is going to hydrolock at any moment, sucking the water into the engine and calling it quits for this proud little 3.8L.

Will the Buick find a way to make it through this deep mess of a road or will mother nature take over and shut the car down, stranding the driver right in the middle of the overflowed street? I guess there’s only one way to find out and that would be to check out the video below to see exactly how far this car is going to make it.

Don't be this guy. Floods have closed I-44. That didn't matter to this driver. The car plows through the water near 141.

Posted by Fox2Now on Tuesday, May 2, 2017


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