Roads Flooded? Let’s Go Wakeboarding!

Recently, it has been incredibly tragic what has been happening down in Houston with ...

Recently, it has been incredibly tragic what has been happening down in Houston with Hurricane Harvey. As they continue to get pelted with incredibly harsh conditions from storm, it seems like the folks down there really need a sense of relief if even for just a moment. As tragedy strikes, folks have been losing their homes left and right and some have even lost more than that. As they keep just getting smashed with these incredibly bad conditions, you can’t help but want to see these people have a little bit of relief. For these teens, it turns out that the relief from all of the horrific sights in the area would be a little bit of wakeboarding and tubing but it isn’t exactly what you’re thinking. Instead, these kids throw a little bit of a plot twist into the mix to have their very own good time after being robbed of so much by Mother Nature.

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No, they aren’t going to a lake, river, or any other body of water, but instead making the most of their surroundings, taking to the flooded streets with a jacked up pickup truck and a couple of water toys that will allow them to play in the flood. As a truck blasts down the street, they’re hanging on and going for quite the ride as the streets act as their sort of personal temporary body of water to experiment with some extreme water sports. Let’s just say that these kids really came up with an innovative way to make the best of a bad situation so that they can take a break from all of the stress that comes along with such a destructive storm.

Check out the video below that will take you to the scene of the storm for these kids who are having a ball. A little bit of play time like this can relieve some of the stress that comes with being stuck in an area that’s in such bad shape. Luckily, Houston has made a very strong recovery.

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