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Rob Ferretti Exposes How Thieves Try to Steal Rentals, Saves 4 Cars

It’s a shame that, in most industries, we have to double back to make sure that we’re not taken advantage of. It seems like, if there’s a door left open, somebody will most likely use it for their personal gain. This might even happen if it negatively affects somebody else. This is why knowledge is power.

It seems like Rob Ferretti always is dealing with theft and damage issues with his exotic car rental business. From an outside perspective, these kinds of things look like they’re just the nature of the beast. Naturally, when you’re renting out cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, people are going to try and take advantage. This might include everything from trying to swap out parts all the way to stealing entire cars.

In his always interesting method of storytelling, this time, Rob takes us for a wild ride. After having gathered lots of experience in the industry, it turns out that Ferretti has learned what to look for from potential scamsters. Let’s just say that, when things begin to get a little bit fishy, it might be worth investing some time in the research in this line of work.

The situation in question here all started with a customer attempting to pay for a car for a client. While Rob says this is kind of commonplace in his line of work, what came next wouldn’t be.

When attempting to pay for the vehicles, the customer would come up with all sorts of different payment methods. These methods kept getting rejected. When each and every payment method seem to have a mailing address in a different state, things began to really throw up some red flags. Eventually, the payment did go through. However, Rob was able to sniff out a potential problem before it went too far.

By following along with the video below, we get to hear the full scoop on how Rob stopped the situation in its tracks. In addition to saving two of his own cars, he might’ve saved two competitor cars as well!


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