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Rock Bouncers Rage Hard And Come Down Harder In Crash Compilation

When rock bouncers turn it up, which is basically any time that they’re running, these machines and drivers twist that intensity knob all the way up to 11 and the results aren’t always as successful as the driver would like them to be. Sometimes, they make for cool footage, though, as these guys contort their rides in every which way, pushing it to the limit and then some, hoping that physics aligns with their plans along with hoping that their equipment holds on so that they can make it to the top of the climb at hand which certainly is a lot easier said than done. A lot of factors need to line up in order to make something like this wrap up with a success.

In this one, we take a look at a compilation of rock bouncers that went up high and came down hard, but it wasn’t exactly on all four wheels. Some of these spine crunching blows are hard to watch as the machines not only rock the ground with a vengeance but also end up breaking some parts, injuring some hearts, and leaving some of these drivers limping home with quite the headache. While most of these machines look like they’re decked out with safety precautions, I know that some of those bangs couldn’t have felt good at all.

Check out the video below from the guys at Busted Knuckle Films that gives us a prime position to check out some of the gnarliest crashes to happen on camera. After watching something like this, you can’t help but have an elevated level of respect for these drivers as they really put it all on the line in order to try and conquer the climb. While these drivers didn’t make it all the way to the top, the highlights are just too fun to watch!