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Rock Racer On The Dyno Might Be The Most Violent Pull Yet

A Rock Racer On The dyno Might Be The Most violent Pull We've Seen Yet

As time goes on, hot rods of all sorts are making more and more power more efficiently than they had in the past. Even though that’s the case, it isn’t too often that we get to see rigs that are ready to lift up off of the dyno. All that power is probably a rush when blasting around in the dirt. The scream of that engine makes situations like this a real treat to watch as we get to see exactly one of those rigs as it hits the dyno rollers and really gives us a nice little tease that is a true foreshadowing of all of the ruckus that is to come.

This built rock racer is certainly something that we wouldn’t want to get in the way of. We aren’t given exact specs on the combo but that massive turbo hanging off of the front makes us think something serious is going on. When the machine fires up, we get an even stronger feeling that’s the case. When the rig finally hits the dyno, it really comes alive, whistling with all kinds of power but we will leave it up to rollers to decide just how much.

Check out the video below that shows this brute of a rock racer hitting the rollers and screaming with pure horsepower as it looks to show off the fruits of all of the effort that has gone into making it the beast that it has become. This is enough to make the hair on anyone’s neck stand up. Whoever gets to hop behind the wheel of this machine when it hits the rocks, converting that power to motion, they’re going to be in for a real treat, that’s for sure! Just imagine being in this untamed beast and rocketing up a hill!