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Rooty Firewood Turned to Incredible Vase With Woodturning Magic

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on June 20, 2022

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This is a concept that’s readily apparent when one dives into the woodturning section of YouTube. If you haven’t been there, essentially, woodturning is the practice that takes a larger piece of wood and hones it down to something that’s usable or beautiful… Maybe both.

However, in the name of creativity and possibly YouTube stardom, some folks in the woodturning community have gotten incredibly creative with what they use to create their art. We have seen everything from epoxy housing just about any material that one could name all the way to rugged pieces of wood that look like they belong in the dump. However, at the end, we always get the payoff that might or might not be worth the effort.

This time, we check in with that piece of wood that definitely looks like somebody would probably throw in the trash. To most, this looks like a chunk of a tree stump that’s pretty much useless. Maybe it would have a little bit of value in a fire pit but beyond that, there are very few people who see something beautiful when they look at this chunk of lumber.

However, when David’s Woodturning saw this particular piece of wood, something amazing popped into his head. Therefore, he got to work, hooking up the rooty piece of wood to a turntable and making magic happen. In the beginning, viewers might’ve thought that the person taking on this challenge was absolutely crazy. There’s no way that such a gnarled piece of junk like this could end up looking like anything special, right?

Well, as the layers seemed to fall away, we would eventually get to a place where that gnarled-up piece of scrap wood ended up becoming something that got closer and closer to a work of art. Down in the video below, we can check in with the entire process as trash is pretty much turned into a treasure in front of our eyes.

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