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Runaway Diesel Engine Compilation has us Ducking for Cover!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on December 20, 2021

If you’ve never seen a diesel runaway then allow us to tell you that it can be a really scary feat for diesel vehicle owners. One moment, everything is going just fine and the next, things can be sent into a chaotic tailspin. It’s definitely a phenomenon that we’d rather never have to encounter because it just seems like one massive headache wrapped up in a dangerous bow.

Essentially, it all goes down when a diesel engine draws too much fuel and continues to rev at higher and higher RPM until eventually, it self-destructs thanks to too many parts moving too quickly. If the owner of the engine is lucky, they’ll be able to cut off the air source before it’s too late. Otherwise, there’s a very good chance that parts are about to go flying in every direction.

This time, we check out a collection of videos showcasing the critical time of a diesel runaway where a bystander has to cut off the airflow to the engine or risk losing it altogether. In this demonstration, most of these diesel-powered machines aren’t so lucky as to have someone save them from a sure disaster.

Check out the video below that shows off the intense revving of these diesel engines that ends in destruction.

One thing is for sure, if your diesel ever starts doing this, you want to make sure that you act quickly before your ride is beyond toasted! On the other hand, maybe the best idea is just getting as far away as you possibly can. It can be hard to tell just how dangerous and explosive the situation is about to get.

These are not a happy group of power plants, that’s for sure! In just one video, it looks like quite the price tag has been built up.


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