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Ryan Martin’s New Car is Absolutely Stopping the Internet in its Tracks

Fans have talked and production crews have listened. For the contingent of Street Outlaws fans who have been waiting for the show to head back to its roots, the newest variation of the brand presents us with Street Outlaws: End Game The idea is pretty much to leave behind the high-dollar race cars and build, well, high-dollar street cars. Essentially, competitors should be able to hop in these cars, drive to and from the race spot in between races, and maybe even go to the corner store for some groceries. Long story short, the rides that we see in this format are much more relatable.

As we have come to expect with Street Outlaws fan favorite, Ryan Martin, whenever he rolls up to the line, Martin is going to be behind the wheel of something serious. Martin has become known for putting together some of the most wicked hot rods in the game so when we heard that he was going to be a part of End Game, we kind of assumed that he would be building something wicked.

Build something wicked he most certainly did.

Over on social media throughout the week, we have seen various pictures of his 1970 Chevelle coming to life.

In the first episode of the new show, the cameras seemed to focus on exactly how this pristine example of a muscle machine came together.

Under the hood, we find the power of late model GM performance. Martin elected to go with an LT4 that could be found in something like a C7 Corvette Z06 but of course, the engine wasn’t left as it came from the factory. We don’t have the exact details, but what we do know is that the combination is supposed to be good for over 1200 hp. While that might seem like a ton of power and most certainly is, the Chevelle finds itself in a place short of Martin’s Camaros but certainly still serving up a nice bit of power for a car that is able to be used in a manner that this one is.

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