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Ryan Tuerck Slams into The Side of a Mountain in His Ferrari Powered GT-4586

When we saw the build coming together that Ryan Tuerck would soon find himself behind the wheel of, mounting a Ferrari concoction of sorts under the hood of a Toyota 86, we would have to say that we, along with everybody else in the world, were probably in complete shock. It’s pretty crazy to see a Ferrari engine swap in anything, let alone a drift car that would put people on edge every time it started to get a little bit out of control. As off-the-wall as it is, you have to admit that it’s pretty darn cool to see something like this come together, especially because there aren’t too many vehicles that even attempt to try something remotely close to this.

This time, a year so after finishing the Ferrari powered machine, the Toyota Gumout GT4586, as it has become known, has hit the public streets to do a little bit of showcasing exactly what it’s got on tap. However, on the very first shot of the day, it turned out that things wouldn’t exactly go as according to plan as the car would come around the corner and plant itself right into a dirt wall. *Spoilers* the dirt wall wasn’t getting up and moving, either. *End Spoilers* It didn’t look like the worst collision in the world, but on the other hand, it was certainly enough to disable the vehicle for a couple of minutes and make the guys take a good look at things before continuing on.

If you follow along with the video below, it will put you on the scene of that day to see just how things went and how hard they ripped on this mean machine after they pulled it out of dodge and got it back on the road once again. Watching this machine in motion is insanely cool not only because of how unique the setup is but also because of the fact that you know that with all of the money that’s probably wrapped up in replacing something under the hood (or lack thereof), it makes you appreciate him pushing its limits all that much more.


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