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S*** Civic Owners Say

S*** Civic Owners Say

We don’t really like to pick on one particular group or another, but if we were to select one group of enthusiast who says some of the most outlandish things, it would have to be those that wheel a Honda Civic.

It’s not all of them, but when we do run into a misinformed Civic owner, we must admit that they say some ridiculously off the wall things, just like Robert Lovely, the owner of this ’92 Civic.

While this satirical outlook on the type of things that Civic owners say might be a bit extreme, we can definitely agree that the parody is definitely in the right ballpark.

Check out the video below to see what this parody insists that Civic owners say. It might be a joke, but how close to reality do you see this parody being?

Listen in to some of the stupid things ricers say below.


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