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Sad Supra Left For Dead in the Mountains of japan!

It’s heartbreaking to see any sports car in this condition, but this will really sting if you’re a fan of the Toyota Supra.

This third gen Supra was left at the bottom of a hill to rot. The car, which was obviously used for some type of racing based on the roll cage, has obviously been decaying in this location for years.

The back window has been busted out and the door is open, allowing piles of leaves and debris to accumulate inside the car. It’s hard to say if it would even be possible to remove this car, and if there would be enough of the car left to rebuild. If it were salvageable, it would certainly make for one of the best stories ever.

Hopefully there aren’t too many more sports cars lying buried under years of debris, as we sure hate to see such great cars going to waste when these older platforms are becoming rarer and rarer.